Summer Travels

Following summer project I went to Chengdu for a few days for Mid Service Training (MST) mainly medical checkups and some administrative meetings, but it was good to see all the other China 22 volunteers again. Afterwards, I waited for my dad, aunt Ann, and her husband Rob to arrive in Chengdu, we tracked China together for about a week. First stop was Chengdu to visit my host family. The Chinese family I lived with for three months during training and also to see the pandas!

Then we went to Chongqing for a couple days. This is the mega city where my University is located, because my dad and aunt wanted to see my apartment and school. For more pictures on Chongqing please look at earlier posts. After Chongqing we went to Xi’an see the Terracotta Warriors, drum tower, pagodas, and city wall. They say there is over 5 thousand years of history in Xi’an. 

Because he could afford it my dad paid for us to travel via business class fast/bullet trains. Here’s some photos of us traveling in luxury. 

Following Xi’an we went to Beijing to hike the Great Wall, go to the great palace or forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, and more.

The Great Wall truly is a site to see. 

The pictures don’t really do the forbidden city justice, the size and scope was massive. The amount of people at Tiananmen Square was also massive.

After Beijing my family returned to America. I went to the seaside and Olympic sailing venue of Qingdao to visit some students. Peace Corps gives us cultural leave that doesn’t count against vacation time if we learn about Chinese culture and visit with local Chinese. I just happened to have some students from the former German colony, with a very unique architecture, culture, history, and nice weather! Thanks to my students Echo and Vita for being my tour guides. d

A wonderful trip now time to get ready for the fall semester teaching. Thanks for visiting.


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